Friday, September 02, 2005

A Long-Winded Supplement to Brendan's Last Post

We pay taxes for every second of our lives so that when this type of shit happens, we won't be on a roof somewhere past the second day, when our elderly, young, or otherwise weaker companions start dropping off from lack of drinkable water. One hundred thousand national guard troops should have mobilized to New Orleans by Thursday- that's why we fund them. The National Guard weren't off fighting foreign wars back when fucking G.W. Bush was in the service and they shouldn't be now- they should be here at the ready for precisely this reason. The shame is we have the resources, manpower and know-how to keep the situation from having dragged on as it has. At this point the only people down there with the shaft still up their ass should be random people on random rooftops with help coming directly, not God-only-knows how many stranded at the Super-dome and Convention Center. We all know many of those who hold power in our country are more concerned with fucking the new red-head intern or crushing political opponents or the next $million in shady deals or simply wielding power, but to see dead bodies on the streets of what everyone thought was a cool city as an illustration of shameful incompetence... I feel terrible. Another injury to whatever pride I have left at being an American. Haunting.

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