Thursday, November 10, 2005

Security or Nonsense?

"NEW YORK - Police have stepped up patrols of hotels in Manhattan as a precaution following the suicide bombings of three hotels in the Jordanian capital of Amman."

I can't wait until the terrorists bomb a f---ing sewage plant so we can send all our cops to guard crap until some other establishments get the terrorist bull's-eye. At the same time I do respect police- plenty of them mean well but come on! American pragmatism is so childish sometimes! They bomb the towers- guard all the big buildings, they bombed the trains in Madrid- guard our trains! No! Just stop talking to me like I'm stupid- I know there's no real defense for everything on a street level- sure we need protection from our various governmental agencies- but sticking an extra cop here and there (at a lead from the terrorists themselves- always a bad idea- just like rebellious kids trying to do the opposite of what most people do- you're still taking your cues from them you moron!) planting these cops is nothing more than what George Carlin said it was a few years ago- an attempt to make WHITE PEOPLE feel safer.

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RosemaryRuth said...

And as a white person, I must say, Cops do make me feel safer in NYC.

Whereas upstate, I would curse under my breath and check my speed when I saw the po-po, down here, I smile calmly.

That, and I find it astonishing that they are allowed to carry around those huge fucking guns. Those guns are fucking huge. Guns. Fucking huge ones.
Does it quell violence that in Britain, they have those funny sticks that make me want to play cricket? Or is a totally unrealistic and dangerous concept for the Constables On Patrol in NYC?

Who will guard the guards?