Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Wouldn’t it be Cool?

Wouldn’t it be cool if violent people were at our beck and call to riot and protest whenever something happens around the world that offends our sense of right and wrong? This country has a shamefully disproportionate amount of men over women in positions of power… Riot!!!!! This country funds the coffers of violently oppressive regimes around the world… Protest, burn a few buildings!!!!! Final Destination part 3…. Blow up a movie studio!!!!!! Feel free to comment- what do you think is offensive enough to torch an embassy? Pop music? Genocide in The Sudan? Reality TV? The US Congress? NY Mets? Britney Spears? Swanson HungryMan TV dinners? Badly trained pet cats?


Austen said...

music videos and outsourcing

RosemaryRuth said...

Don't hate on the FD3.

It's harmless entertainment in a time where the line between "harmless entertainment" and "very harmful entertainment-masquerading-as-CNN-or-
said-it" can be as thin as an AMNY.

God I hate the news. I don't think I would blow up an embassy but there is just nothing worse than a bunch of people "reporting" what other people said as if it means something relevant to your life.

It's not all like that, but a whole bunch of it is like that.