Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Jackal Calls for Carlos

Carlos Mencia isn't even the poor man's Dave Chappelle. I want to like him- sometimes his jokes are funny. But he seems to jump from one easy stereotype to another. Again, I love joking on stereotypes- they're hilarious. Chappelle certainly did and he was pushing American comedy ahead five or ten years at least. Mencia just panders with his jokes- they're cheaper, usually lacking depth. Last night he was shamelessly throwing out Spanish terms for dick to keep an overly extended joke hopelessly afloat. I still like Mencia, he's surely capable of more. Racist humor used to be more edgy and now I see shows and comedians take it for granted. That's when I stop laughing. It's all hard to explain. Ahh Comedy! You always ended up behaving like a slut when you wore those flashy clothes.

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