Friday, June 23, 2006

Notes From The Field.

Here is the Southernmost point in the Continental US, located in Key West, FL.

This is interesting for two reasons:
1--This is not the Southernmost point at all, there is a Naval base that extends further south in Key West, so I guess they should call it "The Southernmost Point on the Continental USA Where Civilians Are Allowed."
2--After many ill-conceived jokes about "rafts of Cubans" whilst driving through the Keys, there was, I swear, an actual raft of Cubans directly behind this monument when we went. This raft disappeared poste-haste.

What followed were several slap-happy jokes pointing out the Southernmost everything that has ever existed, including the Southernmost facial tumor, which I can only assume was dumb luck. This led, predictably, to what was assumed to be the Southernmost Hangover the next morning. I disputed this point because there were a startling amount of tan, crazy bums that sleep on the beach, and surely they were feeling worse than all of us hotel-dwellers combined.

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