Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Spam Poetry

I received this odd paragraph at the end of a junk email. I love it. I wonder what purpose it serves? Who wrote it?
Of course, it probably contains secret hacker code that is violating my hard drive as we speak. But it's my work computer so who cares?

Jugglers pity policemen. There is a rumor that the creationists like to torture caribou. Barbeque lovers are better looking than mothers. Housewives donate their bodies to perverts. T.V. doctors are better than swashbucklers. It is said that the
flatworms live with Macintosh users. Hippies surprise boys. Cyborgs say that the psychoanalysts warn their children about old-timers.

1 comment:

Andreas said...

I got these all the time. I love them too.
I think their purpose is to trick SPAM filters by changeing the ration of SPAM-words to normal words.