Wednesday, August 03, 2005


The Associated Press

BROOK PARK, Ohio -- The 14 Marines killed in Iraq by a roadside bomb on Wednesday were all members of the same Ohio-based battalion that lost six Marines two days earlier, a Marine Corps spokesman said.)

Let's hypothesize that after a week of frustrated funerals Division headquarters sends units from this battalion into a village with orders to suppress any resistance. Resistance! You blind cigar-choking brass-wearing pigs! The only resistance is already with our troops in the form of a useless policy that leaves them tactically defenseless, militarily useless and politically dangerous- reduced to body parts on the side of a dirt road with no enemies in sight. Now let's hypothesize that there's a massacre- alleys and gutters littered with bodies- old people, women, men and children. When word gets to the rest of the world, all the protest kids will ask for justice and "bring our troops home" and court-martials for the soldiers responsible. But most protest kids are stupid- mention My Lai and you might as well be talking to an Inuit. I wouldn't blame soldiers in these situations- war breaks men mentally, not just physically. With no enemy to shoot back at after a bomb goes off, how many pounds of your friends' brains and guts are you prepared to wipe from your clothes before you go homicidal?
The fight to keep Iraq from turning into something much worse is a worthy cause. However, if this war goes on as it has these past 2 years, the kind of large-scale atrocity I described here is inevitable! I blame the administration in advance- in advance for the horrors that we'll eventually see broadcast on NBC Nightly News, CBS Evening News, ABC- results of a war policy that has Americans surrounded by men we cannot fight against in any consistent or serious way. I love my friends in Iraq- our soldiers. I blame our leaders.

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