Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Charlie Rose is my favorite Pot Head

Was watching his show late last night, special guest Sir Anthony Hopkins. Rose is one of those guys who (when stoned) gets really into the conversation, leaning heavily forward on that round wooden table floating in soundstage limbo. Eyes glazed over, he tends to interrupt his guests and to take the conversation into bizarre directions based on his selective memories of other guests. Don't get me wrong, the boy knows how to handle his high, it just makes me smile that he gets the best guests, big softee. And he Always agrees whole heartedly with whatever the his guest is saying. Laughing and smiling his jokes are the best.

Anyway last night, he asked Hopkins ( Who he truly revered as one of the real old-schoolers, dropping superlatives on him left and right, between coughs ) if there were any actors which he saw as having a "talent" which Hopkins himself could never achieve, "anyone who ever made you feel that if they are so good and I can't possibly do that, than what am I doing in this business?" Hopkins qestured around a bit and squinted. "I think, Brando, because..." "T-that's what everyone says!" stammered Rose. After calming down a bit, Hopkins was asked why, "What was it?" "Brando had an animal magnatism, he was always watchable." Hopkins ponders while Rose reminises, "he was pure animal, pure intelligence, and relaxation."

The combination of the three is what caught me.


RosemaryRuth said...

What Would Tyler Durden Do says Brando is gay.

Sorry to harsh your mellow.

Brendan said...

Anthony Hopkins is a very funny looking man on the small screen. He's like a diminiutive, rotund plum.

"Well, McGarnicle, Billy is dead. They slit his throat from ear to ear.
-- I'm trying to eat lunch here!"

dvebeau said...

Tyler Durden wouldn't EXIST without Brando
That's Fact
And look who's calling who gay

Andreas said...

"pure animal, pure intelligence, and relaxation" are pretty good words to describe Brando. "relaxation" is, however, already a part of "pure animal" because relaxing is what animals do most of the time (when they don't eat or fuck). so in my opinion he just was a very intelligent animal.