Thursday, July 21, 2005

In Between Stations

Since the unexpected demise of CBS-FM as an oldies format, I’ve been stuck in the no-man’s land of radio programming, unable to find a single station worth waking up to. Instead of Frankie Vallie ("Can’t Take My Eyes Off Of You –" the most perfect wake-up song ever?), I get Bon fucking Jovi. Now I admit to a childhood fascination with Young Guns, but jolting awake to the mauled lion screeches of "Blaze of Glory" is just a bit too much.

Obligatory extrapolation to the larger world: how sad is it that New York City lacks even a single decent radio station?


Andreas said...

I admire people who wake up to the radio. How can you even go to sleep, not knowing what the first thing that will be put in your brain the next morning will be. What if it is Metallica's "Seek and Destroy"? Wouldn't that make it impossible to go to work - or even brush your teeth? What if it is Elivs? Your hole day would be a grotesque charade.

Auntie Rosemary said...

I admire people that can wake up to the radio as well. I admire people that don't require the blaring siren of the alarm to rouse them from their nightmare of taking several wrong trains and ending up on the commuter rail to new jersey, thereby causing acute hyperventilation at the thought of missing their presentation at the 8:30 AM meeting with the Department Chair. Or maybe that's just me.

Brendan said...

well there used to be a modicum of predictability as to what type of song would be waking me up - oldies are the best because they're generally sunshiney and upbeat and the production is warmer than more recent shit.

maybe i'll start a running tally - today it was a god-awful 80s-style synth-pop cover of the Supremes "You Keep Me Hanging On." Have you heard of JACK-FM? its the new "no-format" station. no DJs, no discernible logic to what they play, a bit like an IPod on random. not sure how i feel about it yet but it gets me up well enough.

Rose - i hope you made it to your meeting on time!

RosemaryRuth said...

I am chronically early, and please excuse my creative license. I actually had that nightmare at about 1:30am.