Thursday, July 07, 2005

London Calling

Working where I do (Wall St.), my nerves always fray slightly when something like this happens. I start to notice mundane details (I forgot my cellphone at home today) and coincidences (why did all the falafel carts disappear from Liberty Plaza yesterday?) and wonder about their possible significance. Amid all the false alarms and overblown hypotheticals, how will we react when once again confronted with the absurd and painful real.

The previous post about diffusion of responsibility was well-articulated and, as it turns out, prescient. The biggest tragedy of this mess we're in is that both sides practice in supreme self-delusion, each taking on faith that the other side has precipitated its own destruction and each refusing to acknowledge the real consequences of their actions. And that leaves the rest of us - the majority of us - stepping on and off the subway cars day in and day out, beset on all sides by warmongers and apologists.

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