Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Torn between frivolity and solemnity.

I am just going to throw open the floodgates here...

If you are going to position yourself against fascism then you must be against fascists in all their forms, be they president, pope, or suicide bomber. I mean you, Christopher Hitchens – it is irresponsible to so blithely laud the defeat of one third-rate despot at the hands of a leader whose main motivation was a supreme sense of entitlement. I guess “contrarian” now means ignoring the fallacies of your own ideology.

John Tierney is a dolt.
As if abstract monetary values are the sole measure of social cost. Dolt.

Space travel is nice, though it can’t but seem slightly trivial when here on the ground we’re stumbling around as if afflicted by vertigo.

Why is the American League so much better than the National League?

Pavement are an object lesson in the failings of rock journalism. When confronted with a band intent on signifying nothing, writers bend over backwards to pin their own significance upon them, only to crucify them later by those same manufactured standards. This says something about rock criticism, not the band being criticized. You cannot practice within the media machine and then hope to shirk your share of responsibility for the deviancy of the machine – let this be a lesson, ye writers of Pitchfork.

Ideology is the enemy. Always, always, always.

We are all doomed, but the beer is cold and our friends are smart and beautiful.

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