Tuesday, December 06, 2005

7th Avenue Freeze-Out

The Luna song Kalamazoo plays softly in the background as I look out across the tarred, antennaed roofs of Brooklyn brownstones and towards the Manhattan skyline, the slowly falling snow clustered like flies around the city lights. The scene recalls somehing in me, something more felt than thought, an inarticulable yearning coupled with a peculiar sense of belonging... we are particles in the atomic haze, specks in the electron cloud, lonely precipitation.

I look back and everyone is smiling. I cinch my scarf tighter, zip up my jacket and think, "Something is beginning to thaw."


Simulacrum said...

I often find myself listening to Luna's "Speedbumps" while staring out at the Broadway/104 stoplight. Less a "thaw" song and more about hibernating for nasty things to come. For sure, I smell snow.

Brendan said...

you can never go wrong w/ Luna. music for all occasions. "Penthouse" is my winter album, frosty and warm in equal measure.