Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Is it that time again?

This season has me feeling less than festive. Thanksgiving came and went in one whirlwind day of traveling and anxiety. Even though I had my fair share of mashed potatoes, it hardly felt like the feast that we normally have. Since I didn't stay at my mother's house for more than 8 hours, I wasn't able to stuff myself for days with the tasty goodness of the season. I didn't even get seconds. And now THIS is supposed to be Christmas? I don't feel a smidgen of holiday cheer. I even want to boycott my drunken, dancing "work" party. That's a little unusual for me.

Following Thanksgiving, I was quite busy and did not keep up my quotient of normal television watching. I was able to catch up a bit this weekend and I realized that the TV commercials and shows, all featuring holiday decorations and themes, were making me feel slightly better. My theory is that the grandness and joy of Christmas is only perpetuated by the media and consumerism. If we didn't have them telling us to go out and shop, make cookies and decorate, or love some of those people that you hate, then Christmas would be a goner. All these years people complained that consumerism and entertainment were ruining Christmas, but NO! They keep it alive. Ha.


Simulacrum said...

i'm with you noodles. yesterday my credit card company called with a wonderful offer: not only were they offering to increase my limit by $3K, they also gave me the option of depositing cash in my bank account (at 3.9% interest) for "holiday shopping."

it's like credit card companies are hallmark-ing the season, only worse.

(hopefully) needless to say, it behooves you to refuse the extra cash.

Brendan said...

it's so true. the only signifiers of the holiday season for me are the biting cold and the Salvation Army guys ringing their bells.

but i helped a friend decorate their tree the other day, and that helped.

really cheesy shit does it for me too - like the Rockefeller Xmas tree lighting. it's sooooo lame but it looks nice and then i find myself thinking "awwww, Christmas"

RosemaryRuth said...

Dudes. My downstairs neighbor (yes, the yeller) has decorated the front of our house with no less than 5 hundred kah-trillion lights, a plastic santa, a plastic tree, and some sort of lawn ornaments stuck into our "lawn" under the drinking tree.

You can see it from Mars.

I not-so-secretly love love love it! It's like his shriveled, cursing heart has grown to three times it's size and is being displayed for all of 60th street (and parts of Brooklyn) to see.

It makes me feel warm inside.