Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Pulling for the Pulitzer

"The two-story apartment building where the alleged murder occurred was quiet during the day Sunday and a fresh dusting of snow covered three empty beer cans between it and Iannelli’s Ristorante. "

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Brendan said...

Murder in a small town = one journalist's ticket out of this god-forsaken burg.
(no offense to our favorite upstater R)

seriously though, i love when newspaper writers take these detours into descriptive prose. it's always either completely out of leftfield or hackneyed.

there was a great NY Times article over the summer about a baby being found in a Starbucks bag dangling from a fence in Bushwick, and I swear the writer thought he was Horatio Alger.
Money quote: "I was like, yo, that's a baby!"