Thursday, December 08, 2005

Argument Builds Character.

You know what I hate? Babies.
And kittens:

But mostly babies.


Austen said...

dr. keller, what do you have to say about this animal's dignity?

RosemaryRuth said...

What the...I thought he was assisting you in Operation FLUSTER CORNELLIANS.

Dr. Keller all the way over at the ROCK? Robbing flies of their dignity no doubt.

I suspected as much.

Andreas said...

this animals dignity was taken away. and there is a quiet dignity in having your dignity taken away by somebody much larger than you.

Brendan said...

i think he's cute.

i like kittens!

but babies, no, definitely not babies. they're like dogs to me. fit to be tied.
it's mostly the way parents react to their babies though - all proud and shit. as if any asshole couldn't make one with a turkey baster or a malfunction of the "Catholic pull-out technique."

that cat's not as ugly as the ugliest dog in the world though - di y'all see that thing??